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Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Online Paid Advertising

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A few days ago, I published the Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Website Ready article where I talked about the points to have in mind in order to prepare the website for the holiday season. Today I will cover paid online advertising that can be used to promote products, services and brands during this profitable time of year. Paid advertising normally brings quick results; the audience can be highly targeted, and it is normally very cost-effective.

Here are some of the online paid advertising options:

– Google AdWords – Even though there will be a lot of competition during the holiday season, Google AdWords is a great opportunity to attract new buyers for your products and services when they search online. Use and abuse ad extensions and highlight the advantages of your company: location, product features and benefits, prices, promotions, reviews, etc.

– Google Shopping – Create product listing ads (PLA) with Google and your products will be more exposed to your potential buyers. By matching a specific search to a relevant product, Google Shopping gives more control and increases the quality of the traffic.

– Social Media Ads – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it! Increase your brand awareness and loyalty, bring more traffic to your website and increase sales. Social media advertising is still considered cost-effective and it is normally possible to target a very specific audience.

– Bing Ads – Bing is a smaller search engine compared with Google, but it has its advantages. It still has a considerable number of searches and in some categories, there are less advertisers, meaning less competition. It is a complementary source to get additional traffic and sales.

– Retargeting – this option is available in some of the paid advertising platforms and is a great option to re-connect with users who have previously been on your website.

For information about how to improve your results online during the holiday season, get in touch with me.

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