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Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Clinic


The Internet has revolutionised the way we buy products and services. Healthcare has also been affected by this revolution in consumption. It is key to have a strong healthcare marketing strategy in order to keep your organisation at the forefront of change.The Internet has revolutionised the way we buy products and services. Healthcare has also been affected by this revolution in consumption. It is key to have a strong healthcare marketing strategy in order to keep your organisation at the forefront of change. Patients now have more options than ever available. The internet doesn’t replace doctors but it can empower patients to make better-informed decisions regarding which institution and doctor to choose. The number of searches concerning healthcare has increased exponentially and with internet users spending more and more time online searching, it is vital that clinics and private doctors have a good healthcare digital marketing strategy in place. Today we will go through some medical marketing ideas that will help improve the visibility of your healthcare organisation’s online presence.

Some Ideas to Consider On Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Create a Strong Brand

Think about what makes your practice unique and why patients should choose you – services, special equipment, capabilities, technology, credentials, location. Identify what your business is good at and identify your target patients. This exercise is extremely important as the USP that you identify will set you apart from your competitors. Make sure that your USP is clear in all your communication (website, social media, logo, slogan,…).

Create a Website That Reflects Your Brand

The website should be clear, informative and easy to navigate, and it must reflect your brand and message. Your site’s structure and content must compliment your marketing and brand strategy, and be sure to keep user experience in mind when creating your website. Each page of the website should have a clear call-to-action; this could be booking an appointment, registering at the practice or subscribing to the newsletter.

Prioritise Your SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very powerful digital marketing tool. With SEO, you must label the most important parts of a website so the search engines can easily find relevant information. In order to be able to rank on Google and deliver the relevant content to the right audience, it is extremely important to research the keywords. In addition to optimised content, you can also employ a backlink strategy in which other credible and relevant websites link to your content.

Improve Your Local SEO

Millions of customers search locally every day to find businesses in their local area; this is especially pertinent for healthcare services. If you want to have a good online presence locally, you will need to be visible in websites like Google, Google Maps, Bing and in business directories like Yell and Yelp. Businesses that depend on local customers (like healthcare services) will likely see great results if they employ a strategy based on improving their local search profile.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a great channel through which you can communicate with potential customers. It’s a free and easy way to share content from your website, promote testimonials from other happy customers and start conversations in relevant circles. The proliferation of social media usage means that these channels offer an easy way to keep in contact with new and current patients. Social channels also allow for paid advertising campaigns, allowing you to target potential customers by area, interests and age.

Promote Your Business with Paid Online Advertising

As the majority of the searches are done on Google, with paid advertising you can promote your services directly when users are looking for what you offer. Google and Bing ads are good ways to generate new patients. Facebook and Instagram advertising can also be good options to promote your business locally.

Build Doctor Referrals

Word of mouth advertising is still king in marketing, but digital has made spreading the word much easier. By incentivising referrals online and giving a benefit to the referee, you are almost guaranteed to generate new business.

Analyse Your Results and Adjust Your Strategies

One of the advantages of online marketing is that is it measurable. In order for the marketing analytics to be useful and in order to continuously improve your strategy and results, you will need to measure and analyse the data of all the online channels. This includes ranking positions, website views, leads generated, return on investment, number of new followers, engagement… Only by measuring and monitoring the results, it is possible to make informed decisions.


The past decade has seen the conversation between consumers and businesses move online. Traditional services, like healthcare practices, are not immune to these changes, and to be successful in the digital age, each service provider must alter their strategies to reflect where and how people communicate.

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