5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2018

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As today is the first day of the year, it is time to reflect about what happened during the last 12 months and to start getting ready for 2018. New opportunities and technologies were born in 2017, and some of the previous trends were confirmed. Technology and digital marketing change at a fast pace, so here are some trends to start thinking about. (more…)

Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Social Media

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Welcome to the third post on Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season. On the first post, I talked about some key website checkpoints to have in mind during Christmas time. If you haven’t read it, check it now. On the second article, I talked about the paid advertising options that are available to promote products and services. Today, I will talk about some points to consider when working with social media. (more…)

Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Online Paid Advertising

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A few days ago, I published the Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Website Ready article where I talked about the points to have in mind in order to prepare the website for the holiday season. Today I will cover paid online advertising that can be used to promote products, services and brands during this profitable time of year. Paid advertising normally brings quick results; the audience can be highly targeted, and it is normally very cost-effective. (more…)

Welcome to the blog

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Hi everyone,

I am glad you are visiting my website and I am happy to see you around.

There were several reasons that made me create this website:

  • Compile the work that I have been doing in one place
  • Force myself to write more
  • Share information and knowledge from books, blog posts and from my daily online browsing
  • Get in touch and meet people that I value their work