UKCBC is a higher education provider of professional qualifications such as HND and AAT. The college owns 6 campuses serving London and Essex, including the English school UKCE. I was responsible for working across all different digital marketing channels and managing the website.

Website Development

UKCBC’s website reflects the college’s culture and vision. It has plenty of content that is relevant for the students, such as course descriptions and other important information for prospective students. It features a blog where the college publishes news about the industries of the courses provided and helps the students with their future careers. The website is built in WordPress; it is mobile responsive and very easy to navigate.

I was responsible for making improvements for the website’s development. My tasks included the following: planning the website navigation, user journey, and call to action; creating new pages and specific landing pages for campaigns; installing and updating plugins; creating redirects; reporting the website’s performance through Google Analytics; and fulfilling other tasks as needed.

One of the key areas when developing a website is SEO and content. I was involved in keyword research and working with the content editors to plan the content for UKCBC’s website.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube are the social media networks used by UKCBC. My responsibility was to plan the social media calendar, create and schedule the content and report the results of the different networks. Step by step, we started generating leads through social media.

Social Media Advertising

One of the digital marketing activities that is often used to promote the college is paid advertising on Facebook. I had the opportunity to create campaigns to target both students (through custom lists) and students with the main goal being to promote the courses and events.


PPC is an inbound marketing activity that is very important for lead generation. My role was to create, optimize, monitor, track and report the campaigns that were promoted through Google and Bing. The main goal of the campaigns was to generate leads for the courses the college offered and to promote events. I had the opportunity to work with different campaign types such as search, display and remarketing. It was also my responsibility to create the landing pages linked with the adverts.