Global Study Link

Global Study Link is a globally recognised education agency that helps students apply for places at higher education institutions. I helped the agency connect with prospective students through online marketing – mainly Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Google Ads

I created Google Ad campaigns to find users that were looking for specific courses. The aim was to find users at relevant moments in their online journey and target them with search ads for Global Study Link. This allowed the company to stay within defined budgets and focus solely on those deemed relevant through my customer analysis.

I was responsible for defining the online strategy, creating, optimising, testing, monitoring, tracking and reporting the campaigns, as well as creating landing pages.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

In addition to Google, I used Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns. The purpose was to reach audiences with specific characteristics (age, location and interest) and stay present in the mind of users that have previously interacted with the brand – otherwise known as remarketing.

I recommended Facebook and Instagram advertising to Global Study Link due to the relevancy of the channels with the proposed target audience and the cost efficiency of the platforms.

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