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Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season – Social Media

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Welcome to the third post on Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season. On the first post, I talked about some key website checkpoints to have in mind during Christmas time. If you haven’t read it, check it now. On the second article, I talked about the paid advertising options that are available to promote products and services. Today, I will talk about some points to consider when working with social media.

– Content calendar with key dates – Create a calendar and plan the content around the key dates. The posts can be scheduled in advance if you are using social media tools like Sprout Social.

– Share content with a specific goal – Before adding content to the queue, think about the purpose behind the post. Everything should have a reason; otherwise, it might not be worth the effort.

– Create an exclusive offer for your social media audience – Create some deals that are available only for social media users to make them feel special.

– Promote a prize draw or a giveaway – During this time of year, it is all about giving and receiving.

– Great images and words – As previously mentioned in the website section, it is very important to have inspiring and engaging photos, videos and messages.

– Interact with the audience and encourage them to share holiday photos – Many people are on holidays during this time and therefore have time to be on social media. Encourage them to share their photos with your brand and products. You can also add a prize to it.

– Support a cause – It is important to do this the entire year but at this time of year, it has a special meaning.

For information about how to improve your results online during the holiday season, get in touch with me.

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